Traits and Characteristics of a Successful CHRO

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graphic of traits of a successful chro

What does it take to be a successful chief human resources officer today and how is that role changing?

In today’s near-full-employment economy, where top talent is even more scarce, that question is on our minds. In collaboration with IIC Partners, our global executive search partnership, the Pearson Partners International team endeavored to answer it.

Our latest white paper, Traits and Characteristics of a Successful CHRO (chief human resources officer), comes from the insight of a group of bright minds in global human resources that we assembled to share their experiences. Several of our current and former clients shared their perceptions. We offer special thanks to Sha Farley, CHRO of Young Life; Sean Harding, CHRO of Caliber Home Loans; and Rhonda MacAndrew, CHRO of Greyhound Lines.

People skills, knowing the business model and strategy, possessing a diversity of experiences and understanding how to transform are all critical skills for today’s CHRO. Challenges include finding the right talent in a competitive market, managing different career expectations as led by millennials in the workforce and improving employee engagement. Today’s CHRO also needs to be resilient, adaptable and intellectually agile.

We hope you enjoy learning more about what human resources leaders around the globe are saying as you read the white paper.

Read the white paper or download a PDF:







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