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The corporate landscape has never been more dynamic, with most top leaders spending less than five years with an organization. Additionally, as baby boomers begin to retire, many companies are watching their most experienced leaders walk away and wondering who could possibly fill their shoes. Pearson Partners International’s custom, focused executive coaching services can help you strengthen current leaders and retain the top talent that will become your company’s future.

We understand your need for high-performing executives, confidentiality and return on your investment. By helping top employees become more successful and satisfied in their careers, we’ll help improve their capacity to achieve both short and long-term organizational goals, boosting overall performance and making them an even more valuable asset to your company.

logo icfOur leadership development services are managed by Lisa Thompson, LPC, PCC. Lisa is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Professional Certified Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor, and a member of the International Coach Federation.

Our Executive Coaching Model:

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chart of coaching model

How We Do It:

We start by aligning with your business strategy and providing an objective, quantified assessment for target employees. Based on that assessment, we determine a clear action plan that complements your business goals, including milestones, deliverables and timelines. We give executives the guidance and accountability they need to stick to that action plan and put new skills and behaviors into practice to make a difference for your organization. Highly customized, our executive coaching services are hands-on and focused on action and accountability. Designed to deliver solutions to business problems and drive executives to their highest performance, our process is based on a proven methodology with milestones and measurable results.


“Pearson Partners did an excellent job, and I would use them again,” Wallander says. “They were a pleasure to work with and a great partner to me, and made it easy to focus on my business responsibilities while ensuring I met the need to...
Angie Wallander, EVP & CAOReddy Ice
"The best part of the partnership, for me as a business leader, is that Pearson Partners takes the time to understand our business goals, not just what we are trying to accomplish relative to recruitment needs."
Marvin Riley, PresidentFairbanks Morse Engine
“Pearson Partners was terrific. I was absolutely convinced from the outset that they truly wanted to create a successful outcome for all parties. They invested a lot of highly productive time and understood the business challenges we were trying to meet. They had a...
Rob Gurney, Chief Executive Officeroneworld Global Alliance
“I have been able to bring an outsider’s view and experience into an organization, and ultimately an industry, that is ready for a digital awakening. This role draws upon virtually every experience I have ever had, yet is radically different. This provides me with...
Johnny Dranchak, VP Innovation & Digitaloneworld Global Alliance
“When I reached out to Pearson Partners, Renee Arrington and Lisa Thompson were in my office within 48 hours. It was unbelievable. They put my mind at ease about what the process would look like. They were in constant communication with me, and they...
Jan Edgar Langbein, Chief Executive OfficerGenesis Women's Shelter and Support
"Pearson Partners stood out among the search firms we talked with. Renee showed the most ability to understand our needs and seemed most dedicated to crafting her approach to our needs. I think she very much understood the position the board was in. When...
Scott Karol, Board MemberCooperative Processing Resources
“Renee and Lisa really took the time to seek our input. They both absolutely hit the nail on the head in terms of prioritizing the skills and traits we were looking for. I know that everybody involved in the search saw that as well....
Caren Shiozaki, Chairman of the BoardSociety for Information Management (SIM)
"Pearson Partners understands the private equity business very well, and the cultural attributes that go hand-in-hand with that. They were in tune with our need for this person to both fit internally and interact positively with our portfolio companies. If a search firm didn't...
Christopher Ray, Sr Mng PartnerNatural Gas Partners
“The Pearson Partners team was responsive and focused. They clearly took the search personally – more than just ‘doing the job.’ They gave me advice, kept me up to date and guided me through the search.
Gary Swidler, CFOMatch Group
"Pearson Partners kept to the schedule, which was aggressive. Communications were very direct, and they worked closely with our operating partners throughout the process, which didn't require me to get involved until we were down to four final candidates. The four I interviewed were...
Chip Hornsby, CEOMorrison Supply
"It was imperative to us that senior partners be the ones making the calls to these C-level executives. I like the fact that Keith Pearson and Renee Arrington were the ones doing the search and not passing it off to junior associates."
Ralph Stow, Chairman of the BoardSTI International
“We expected a diverse group of candidates, and that they be totally and thoroughly screened, and they were,” Hawkins says. “It was very clear that Pearson Partners spent a lot of time and effort with each candidate, because the detailed write-ups that we received...
Diane Hawkins, Sr Director People & PerformanceMeeting Professionals International
"Keith and Lisa worked with us to assess individual pluses and minuses and provided a great deal of input and analysis of candidates. We have great peace of mind knowing that the process was consistent and fair and we met some excellent people that...
Jesse Oliver, Deputy Executive DirectorDallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
"The search was an eye-opener for me. Before I engaged Pearson Partners, I had rarely seen someone with the combination of innovation, credentials and education that we were seeking.”
Mark Haney, SVPWellStar Health System
“The Pearson team was extremely responsive. They worked hard to understand what we needed in our HR department. Lisa and her team were always available and responsive, and they provided top candidates. They took the time to understand our needs and the strengths and...
C. Jedson Nau, SVP & General CounselThe Rosewood Corporation
"Going into the second interview, I asked Pearson Partners for coaching and got some really good insight and valuable feedback. As an executive search firm, they know how to treat you."
Nicole Fontayne-Bárdowell, EVP AdministrationDallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
“The process was very, very thorough. Although I was eager to jump right into the role, I appreciated that the Pearson team was being very thorough, sourcing all of the candidates that would be a potential fit and not just walking in with one...
Mark Taylor, Chief Executive OfficerSociety for Information Management (SIM)
"Pearson Partners has very strong connections in the marketplace, providing personal networking with individuals that forge relationships with people who are transitioning, and I think that's extremely positive."
Rhonda MacAndrew, SVP HRGreyhound
“Pearson Partners really takes the time to get to know their candidates and the companies they work with. As a candidate, I felt very supported by Lisa and Renee, and I could feel they wanted to make sure I was making a decision that...
Maria MacMullin, Senior Director of Major GiftsGenesis Women's Shelter and Support
“Pearson Partners was incredibly well prepared for our initial meetings,” said Bowe. “The work they did even before they had the search showed us how hard they would work right out of the gate to find our new CEO. They had more knowledge walking...
David Bowe, Board MemberDallas Lighthouse for the Blind
"Pearson Partners was very effective at giving us the best of the best. They gave us good insight into the candidates they presented to us, and we had conversations about them so that we didn't have to interview 20 people. We knew we were...
Chris Burt, SVP HRLSG Sky Chefs
"The search was flawless. There was a lot of pressure, timing was of the essence, and we had to find the absolute best candidate. I am a huge fan of Pearson Partners. They exceeded my expectations."
Anita Vanderveer, VP PeopleSonic Corporation
“We couldn't be happier. Pearson Partners was very responsive. I am one of the most critical people you’ll find, but they were truly a pleasure to work with. We found them to be very good partners and would enjoy working with them again.”
Pat Barth, SVPLone Star Steakhouse
"I realized I should probably start thinking about a potential career change. I had been friends with some of the Pearson Partners team for many years, and an occasional source on their search projects. I met with them to talk things through, and...
Mark Layton, COOVideoPlus
“The team at Pearson Partners made a commitment to understand our firm’s strategy and culture, long before any specific assignment presented itself,” the CEO says. “We were impressed by their commitment to forging and investing in a long-term relationship, in contrast with the more...
CEO, Private Equity FirmPrivate Equity Portfolio Company

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