Start the New Year with a Strong Value Statement

core values graphicA clear statement of vision, mission and values can provide your organization with a solid foundation for success in 2019. But it doesn’t do much good to simply post those words on the company’s website and go on about your daily business.

Instead, you should make it a priority to convey the “big picture” to your employees, partners, vendors and customers. It’s an important step toward building engagement, attracting new talent and strengthening customer loyalty.

Consider taking some time early in the new year to prepare a statement of your organization’s values and convey that to your key audiences. While a vision or mission statement provides a starting point for framing a company’s non-financial goals, many people find it easier to relate to a company’s values.

For example, a healthcare organization’s values might include a commitment to delivering quality patient care, quality improvement and learning and development programs for employees. A bank or insurance company might incorporate financial literacy, product transparency and customer privacy and security into its value statement.

Every organization can prepare a value statement that is based on the beliefs of the senior leadership team, its position in the market and the demographics of its employee base, among other factors. It should flow naturally from the company’s vision and mission, rather than be copied from someone else’s statement.

Why are values so important today? Just take a look at the business and political landscape of 2018. From harassment in the workplace to social justice and the environment, it’s clear that values are front-and-center in our nation’s daily conversations. While there’s no need to take sides on the heated political debates in Washington, it’s an ideal time to emphasize the values that are most important to your organization.

Take advantage of this opportunity to develop a clear statement of values. Deliver it to your employees, email it to your customers and post it on social media. Link those values into your organization’s 2018 programs and accomplishments and make a commitment to advancing those values in the coming year. A modest investment of time in preparing your value statement can result in a powerful boost in employee engagement, customer goodwill and your ability to recruit senior executives in the new year.

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