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A Message from Keith Pearson, Vice Chairman & President

If there is one hot political topic that affects every individual in this country, it’s healthcare. Most people agree that America’s current healthcare system is less than ideal, but proposed solutions are as many and varied as the politicians that espouse them. The roots of the healthcare crisis run deep, and whatever is decided during the upcoming elections, we’ll still be a long way away from solving this complex situation. At our recent Spotlight Series Breakfast event, we invited four top healthcare industry insiders to share their observations about the current and future state of healthcare. The result was an honest and insightful look at the business side of medicine, and how it affects businesses in other industries. Read the highlights of the discussion in this issue of Searchlight.


In This Issue

Quarterly Spotlight Series Breakfast:
America’s Healthcare Crisis

The cost of healthcare is rising, the health of many Americans is declining, and one of the most controversial topics in politics is how to fix it all. At Pearson Partners’ recent Spotlight Series breakfast, a panel of healthcare leaders discussed the state of America’s healthcare system and presented their own prescriptions for how to right what’s wrong.
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Tips from the Leadership Coach:
Get Your Employees to Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

Harry S. Truman said, “Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.” Everyone has their own comfort zone, and it takes courage to move beyond it. Pearson Partners’ Director of Professional Services, Lisa Thompson, shares leadership development ideas to help employees break through invisible barriers and reach their full potential.
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DFW HR Roundtable:
Mining for Gold in Your Team

Every great leader is surrounded by a wealth of valuable insight and creativity—it’s simply a matter of mining the minds of the many talented individuals at all levels within an organization. At a recent DFW HR Roundtable, Attorney Jonathan Michael Bowman, chief executive officer of Clear Picture Leadership, discussed how to tap into that “gold” to build an effective and motivational vision for your company.
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Pearson Partners Profile:
Admiral James (Jim) M. Walley, Jr.

Meet Admiral Jim Walley, who joined our advisory board this year. Admiral Walley is a retired two-star U.S. Navy Rear Admiral and president of CE2 Solutions Inc., a Dallas-based consulting company focused on construction and real estate development.
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Featured Search

We are currently working on an organizational assessment project for a global manufacturing company, which has included in-depth interviews of division leaders prior to a restructure of major divisions. Our client’s senior leadership team is incorporating our feedback and information into their strategic planning and decision processes.
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Other News

Pearson Partners welcomes Gregory Preiser as a vice president in our Dallas office, specializing in the sports, printing, chemicals, and packaging industries.

Deborah Sawyer has joined the board of directors of the Richardson (Texas) Symphony Orchestra.

Pearson Partners is proud to have celebrated our 10th anniversary this summer. We are deeply grateful to our valued clients, advisors and friends for helping us reach this milestone. We look forward to many more years of working together.

Recent Placements

EVP, Integrated Analytics & Strategy, Ackerman McQueen

Director of HR, Reddy Ice Holdings

VP, Program Management Office, CBRE


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