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A Message from Keith Pearson, President & CEO

The lifeblood of our business is helping companies hire, develop and retain top talent. Since we founded Pearson Partners in 2002, we have seen sweeping changes in the diverse range of industries we serve. Technology and increasing mobility have shifted workflows and roles. Globalization has driven demand to access international talent pools. New expectations from a younger generation of workers have made companies rethink how they are perceived by the public, and whether they offer what the brightest minds are seeking in their careers.

Still, much remains the same. Back in 1997, when McKinsey published its iconic study The War for Talent, organizations were just beginning to understand how to attract, retain and engage their teams, and how much doing these things mattered. These factors are just as important to today’s business leaders, but with changing times must come changing approaches.

Because the topic becomes especially hot when competition for talent is high, as it is today, we invited three leaders in human resources and management consulting to our Q2 Spotlight SeriesSM breakfast to talk about today’s war for talent. Not only did they lay the groundwork for a great discussion about current workforce trends, they offered several ideas that business leaders can apply to engage employees and attract new ones. Don’t miss the summary of this timely discussion in this newsletter.

Here at Pearson Partners, we are excited to be celebrating our fifteen-year anniversary. Coinciding with our milestone anniversary, we are very proud to have been honored by Forbes as one of America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms. Because the list is built on recommendations from clients and other executive recruiters, we want to extend our thanks to all of our fantastic clients and friends. We wouldn’t be where we are without you.

In the second quarter of this year we have seen a significant uptick in executive recruitment activity now that the new-administration uncertainties are largely behind us, and we are looking forward to sharing a busy and productive second half of 2017 with our clients.

In This Issue

Quarterly Spotlight SeriesSM Breakfast:
Winning the War for Talent

Twenty years after publication of McKinsey’s landmark study, The War for Talent, businesses are still fighting to attract and retain talent, but the landscape of the battle has changed. The internet and technology have changed the way candidates and companies learn about and engage with each other. The global talent pool has grown wider and more mobile. Workflows have evolved, and responsibilities have shifted. The incoming generation of young workers has different expectations. At our recent Spotlight SeriesSM breakfast, we invited a panel of human resources and management consulting experts to explore these factors and present innovative ideas for how to address them.

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Tips from the Leadership Coach:
Why Diversity Programs Don’t Work, and How to Do Better

Although many companies have had diversity programs for decades, they don’t seem to have made much impact on changing the face of the upper echelons of management. For example, it’s rare to find a large company with a female or minority CEO. To learn what’s missing—and how to fix it—we talked to Linda Sharkey, Ph.D., a global human relations consultant, HR expert and co-author of The Future-Proof Workplace. She believes the key to creating truly diverse organizational leadership lies in overcoming unconscious bias. Read her tips to learn why current diversity programs don’t work, and what we can do differently.

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Case Study:
Working with the Board to Find a New Leader for CPR

When a board of directors decides it’s time to find a new leader for an organization, bringing in the right executive search team can make all the difference. Dallas-based Cooperative Processing Resources (CPR) needed a president and chief executive officer with the right experience and skills to take the helm, but as a membership organization serving non-profits, it didn’t have an unlimited budget to work with. The board enlisted the help of Pearson Partners International to define the needed skills, locate and assess qualified candidates, and bring the board to consensus to hire the right person for the job with the right compensation.

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White Paper:
The Human Capital Impact of the Aviation Internet of Things

Frank Morogiello co-authored a white paper on The Human Capital Impact of the Aviation Internet of Things with our IIC Partners Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Practice Group. The paper explored the impact that the Internet of Things (IoT) and rise in connectivity will have on talent in the aviation industry.

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Featured Searches

We are conducting a search for a Vice President of Innovation and Technology for a high-profile global transportation alliance. The organization is building a vision for the future that includes a significant change in strategic direction, and a cornerstone of this vision will be creative and proactive uses of technology. Reporting directly to the CEO, the Vice President in this newly created role will manage a central innovation and technology team and coordinate with the CIOs of the alliance members to achieve the organization’s vision and technology strategy.

Learn more or provide a confidential referral.

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Recent Placements

Chief Financial Officer, Transportation Company

Chief Marketing Officer, Health Food Wholesaler

Payroll Director, Truck Rental & Leasing Company

Management Assessment Project, Investment Capital Services

Candidate Assessment Project, Quick-Service Restaurants

Other news

Pearson Partners is proud to be recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms 2017.

In May, Pearson Partners celebrated 15 years in business. We appreciate our clients, team members and friends who have contributed to our success.

Keith Pearson has been named to the UTD Jindal School of Management Advisory Council. Read his profile article in the latest UTD Naveen Jindal School of Management Magazine.

Renee Arrington has been elected to the board of directors of the National Association of Corporate Directors North Texas Chapter.

Frank Morogiello co-authored a white paper on The Human Capital Impact of the Aviation Internet of Things, with our IIC Partners Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Practice Group. Read more in this issue</a

Renee Arrington continues her national speaking circuit at the HMG Strategy CIO Summits. Most recently, she spoke on Change Begins with Powerful Leadership at the CIO Summits in Dallas (April 6), Washington, D.C. (April 26), Detroit (June 1) and Chicago (June 6). Next up, Renee will discuss Boardroom Communications & Strategic Relationships at the 2017 Denver CIO Executive Leadership Summit on September 26.

Our global executive search partnership, IIC Partners, has appointed five new practice group leaders:

  • Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Practice: Thomas Hofer, Hofer Tan & Partners – Singapore
  • Board Search Practice: Janice Ellig, Chadick Ellig – New York
  • Energy Practice: Bill Clarey, Clarey/Napier International – Houston
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare Practice: John Salveson, Salveson Stetson Group – Philadelphia
  • Technology, Digital Media & Telecommunications Practice: Bendik Blindheim, ISCO Group – Oslo

IIC Partners welcomed CEO Search in Sofia, Bulgaria as its 45th member firm in April. We are excited to further expand our global reach in Eastern Europe, an emerging market in the executive search industry.

We appreciate your feedback. Please let us know how we may improve the quarterly Searchlight newsletter or our service.

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