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A Message from Keith Pearson, President & CEO

As executive talent specialists, Pearson Partners International has had the privilege of helping many companies craft CEO compensation packages that attract and retain the right CEO for the job while aligning with the company’s financial realities. It is the CEO’s decisions that ultimately determine a company’s success, and we believe they deserve appropriate compensation for their specialized expertise.

Yet, the media feeds Americans a steady diet of stories about CEOs receiving outrageous pay or stunning severance packages—usually at a time when their companies are failing. There’s almost always a story behind the story that the media isn’t sharing, and that’s why we chose this topic for our most recent Spotlight Series breakfast discussion: CEO compensation, and whether the value created by CEOs justifies the amount they earn.

Our panelists dispelled the misconception that most CEOs are overpaid, clarifying the extensive checks and balances behind performance-based CEO compensation, the role of compensation committees in holding CEOs accountable, and the reasons why media reports of inflated compensation may paint a false picture. Don’t miss the summary of the discussion in this issue.

In This Issue

Quarterly Spotlight Series Breakfast:
CEO Compensation: How Much is Too Much?

Of the 250,000 CEOs in the United States, the American public hears about only a small percentage through news reports detailing their egregious pay or hefty severance packages. These headlines, while sensational, don’t reflect the reality of CEO compensation at most companies. At our Q2 2014 Spotlight Series event, our panelists separated the truth from the myths about CEO compensation and discussed current trends in how companies choose CEOs, determine their pay and establish performance-based incentives.

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Tips from the Leadership Coach:
Decision-Making at the Top

A company’s success reflects the value of decisions made by its people, especially those occupying top offices. While decision-making processes vary from company to company and leader to leader, some tried-and-true processes have proven their worth. In executive decision-making—particularly at the CEO level—it’s especially important to know what needs to be delegated for analysis, to act quickly and confidently, and to win over the people who will execute the decision on the job. Learn what successful executive decision-making processes have in common.

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DFW HR Roundtable:
Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life
by Patti Johnson

No organization experiences growth without change, and great change often starts with inspirational leadership that launches a wave of commitment and action in other people. At our most recent DFW HR Roundtable, Patti Johnson, author of “Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life,” explained how anyone can start a wave of change. She also pointed out that working independently, having all of the answers or a desire for personal recognition, and needing a complete plan up-front are sure-fire ways to stagnate change.

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Pearson in the Community:
Metroplex Technology Business Council

In the business of technology, success depends upon securing and developing talent. Since 1994, the Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC) has brought DFW-area technology companies together to support this need. Pearson Partners Vice President Deborah Sawyer is chair of the nominating committee for this year’s Tech Titans event, the annual signature awards gala that brings together representatives from 300 MTBC member companies. Learn how the largest technology trade association in Texas is working to strengthen the North Texas technology community.

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Pearson Partners Profile:
Warren Strickland, Director

For Warren Strickland, there’s nothing quite like guiding a company through a major performance transformation project and helping his clients succeed, witnessing first-hand the impact of hard work and strong relationships. By serving on the Pearson Partners International Board of Directors and Advisory Board, Warren enjoys these same experiences while sharing decades of expertise in finance and strategic planning gained at McKinsey & Company, Inc.

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Featured Search

We are conducting a search for a Chief Information Officer & Executive Vice President for a leading mid-sized financial institution. The EVP & CIO will be a critical member of the executive team and will be responsible for setting the business strategy for technology implementation throughout the organization.
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Other News

We have recently launched a new and improved website and newsletter format as part of our overall brand enhancement this year, and in our continuing effort to improve the insight we share with our clients and partners.

Earlier this year, Heather Joiner joined our team as our receptionist. She has done such a great job so quickly that we promoted her to administrative assistant in June.

Marilyn Hanson has joined our team as a search consultant. Marilyn is a seasoned executive recruiter and will add significant expertise to our team.

Pearson Partners bids a fond farewell to our administrative assistant, Sherry Isaacs, who worked tirelessly with us for the last several years. Please join us in wishing Sherry the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Be sure to catch our executive career Tweetchats—live chats on Twitter, hosted by the AESC and featuring one of our industry experts fielding questions on a variety of executive-search-related topics. Next up is Executive Search and Your Career, featuring Lisa Thompson, at 11:00am CDT on August 12. Learn more.

Renee Arrington continues her national speaking engagements, most recently as a keynote speaker at IDG’s IT Roadmap conference in Denver on June 17 where Renee spoke about personal branding for IT leaders.

Recent Placements

SVP & Chief Information Officer, Animal Supply Company

SVP Human Resources, Animal Supply Company

SVP Operations, Animal Supply Company

SVP Sales, SwissJust

VP Quality, TrinityRail, Trinity Industries

AVP, Construction, WellStar Health System

Sr Director & Program Manager, Customer Quality, Trinity Industries


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