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A Message from Keith Pearson, Vice Chairman and President

Imagine if you could sit down with every target customer and ask them about their preferences and interests, so that you could craft products, services and marketing messages that appeal to them and win their business. “Big Data” offers companies the next-best thing: insight into current and potential customers’ thoughts, based on decisions they make—often unconsciously—in their everyday interactions both online and offline. At our recent Spotlight Series Breakfast, we invited four technology leaders to discuss “Big Data” and how companies are capturing and analyzing enormous amounts of data gleaned from people’s purchases, product views, “likes,” keyword searches, Tweets and other “digital exhaust” that consumers leave in their wake. Read our summary of the discussion in this issue of Searchlight, and learn why Big Data is becoming a big deal in business.

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Spotlight Series Breakfast:
What’s the Big Deal About Big Data

In a world where technology touches innumerable aspects of our lives, each of us leaves behind a stream of information-“digital exhaust”-wherever we go. Companies are learning how to harness this vast collection of data and use it to their benefit. At Pearson Partners’ March 5 Spotlight Series Breakfast, led by Renee Baker Arrington and Deborah Sawyer, Pearson Partners convened a panel of data and IT experts to provide insight into the far-reaching scope of “Big Data” and share how businesses in many industries are seeking patterns in the data to better understand their customers’ interests and preferences. Read a summary of the discussion.
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Tips from the Leadership Coach:
Appealing to the Aging Boomer Generation

As Baby Boomers reach retirement age, not all of them are ready and willing to retire. Every departing retiree takes a wealth of expertise with him or her upon departure, so it’s often wise to keep key people as long as possible and capture their wisdom while you have them. Pearson Partners’ Director of Professional Services, Lisa Thompson, shares important information about the role that benefits play in keeping potential retirees in the workplace longer. Read More

Case Study:
Building Materials Corporation

Idaho-based building supply and materials company BMC was ready to take advantage of a building boom in the Western U.S., yet the Dallas/Fort Worth market division needed to reorganize to maximize sales and better serve its clients. Recognizing Pearson Partners International’s strength in the building supply and materials industry, BMC retained the firm to search for a new Dallas/Fort Worth market manager—and was delighted to have the perfect person for the job on board and making improvements within just two months.
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February DFW HR Roundtable:
Accelerating Business Through Human Resources

with Jay Beck and Vic Dayal, Towers Watson

At a recent bimonthly DFW HR Roundtable, a networking and knowledge-sharing group of senior human resources executives in the North Texas area, attendees discussed a four-step process for applying human resources tools and skills to accelerate the business process and positively affect financial outcomes.
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