When You Are at Your Best, What Are You Doing?

image of a woman brainstorming about being at her best to find her highest purposeRecently, I shared an exercise to align your actions with your purpose. What if you are unsure of your purpose? Here is a question to help:

When you are at your best, what are you doing?

Identifying your moments of greatest strength and fulfillment can show how you can provide the most value to the world.

For example, are you in your element when giving a presentation? Do you feel energized and effective during team planning sessions? You can translate these activities into purpose statements. Here are a few examples:

  • Public speaking: Inspire people to action.
  • Strategic planning: Lead people into the future.
  • Problem-solving: Remove barriers to progress.
  • Team-building: Connect and support people to achieve great things.
  • Training: Develop people to reach goals.

When are you at your best? How can you capitalize on these moments to provide the most value?

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