Am I Working Toward My Highest Purpose?

image of an abstract figure looking into a mirror to reflect on its highest purposeHave you held a mirror up recently and honestly asked, “Am I working toward my highest purpose?” If not, take a moment to try it!

This is often my primary role as an executive career coach: to hold up a mirror to my clients and help them align their actions and achievements with their intentions.

When you try this exercise, if you feel like you are getting off track or you have lost sight of the path altogether, consider: “What do I need to do to align?”

Small steps can turn into great strides toward your most prized goals. Cultivating high self-awareness through reflective practice is crucial to great leadership.

What is one small step you can take this week to get closer to your objectives? How can you cross the hurdles? Let me know in the comments!

This article is the first in a three-part series from Lisa Thompson on aligning your actions with your purpose. Read the rest of the series in When You Are At Your Best, What Are You Doing? and What Will Be Different This Time?

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