Human Capital Trends in Strategic Asset Management

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image of strategic asset managementAsset management is often seen as a fundamental support function that needs relatively little attention. But in today’s competitive environment, organizations can gain a powerful advantage by making strategic human capital decisions regarding the management of their key physical assets.

Because of the importance of these issues to the C-suite, we are preparing a national study of executive asset managers. The study’s objective is to identify human capital trends in a wide range of industries and uncover insight that will help organizations of all sizes to analyze, compare and evaluate strategic options.

Companies historically have used a variety of methods to manage strategic assets. Some companies have taken an in-house approach, building a talented asset management team led by C-suite executives. Other companies have used an outsourced approach, relying on specialized expertise in fields like property management, energy management, vendor and contract management, and mission-critical data, telecommunications and engineering management. Many organizations employ a hybrid approach, managing some facility-related functions in house and outsourcing others.

While cost is typically a factor in strategic facility management decisions, it’s important for senior leadership teams to consider a broad range of strategic issues, such as:

  • How should we define asset management in our organization?
  • Should this function be incorporated as one of our core competencies?
  • Will an in-house, outsourced or hybrid strategy give us a competitive advantage in the market?
  • How deep is our current asset management talent pool?
  • What skills are most important for an executive asset manager?
  • Do we have a program in place to develop the appropriate skill sets?

If you are an executive asset manager or COO and would like to receive the results, just email us, and be sure to connect with Tom Lamson on LinkedIn to receive the latest updates.

About the Study Authors

Tom Lamson, CPC has over twenty years of experience in recruiting senior-level talent for the facilities, construction, design/build, engineering and real estate industries and associated disciplines. Building on his background in personnel consulting for the healthcare, hospitality, retail, corporate, industrial, transportation, mission-critical and higher education industry sectors, Tom applies his expertise to secure ideally qualified executives to lead his clients’ domestic and global operations.

Pearson Partners International helps clients build world-class management teams. As a full-service retained executive search firm, it secures top talent for some of the most challenging positions, from CEOs and CFOs to CIOs, board members and senior executives. The firm’s track record of success has made it a trusted resource for loyal clients including Fortune 1000 companies, private equity firms and emerging businesses. Its executive search capabilities are complemented by a professional leadership development, assessment and coaching practice to ensure executives reach their highest possible performance.

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