Tom Lamson, C.P.C.

Vice President

As a specialist in senior-level talent for the facilities, construction, design/build and real estate industries and their associated disciplines, Tom Lamson is a rarity in the executive search world. Building on his background in personnel consulting for the healthcare, hospitality, retail, corporate, industrial, transportation, mission-critical and higher education industry sectors, he has concentrated on the facilities and construction, design/build, engineering and real estate space since launching his executive search career in 1996. This extensive experience has given Tom a strong understanding of the nuances differentiating various types of architecture, development and construction-related businesses. He applies this knowledge to secure ideally qualified executives to lead his clients’ domestic and global operations. Tom excels at quickly identifying senior-level individuals with the right mix of business acumen and specialized expertise, earning him the repeat business of his clients in an industry facing intense competition for skilled leaders.

Before joining Pearson Partners International, Tom was with an executive recruiting firm in Dallas, where he built a successful design/build and real estate practice and earned a reputation as a leading personnel consultant. Earlier in his career, Tom owned a personnel consulting firm, working with clients in the industrial, engineering and manufacturing industries. He previously served in The United States Navy.

Tom is frequently invited to speak about industry, personnel and human resources issues and trends, and has been a guest speaker for Metrocon Dallas, the International Facility Managers Association, the International Interior Design Association and the American Institute of Architects.

Tom earned his bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Arlington, is a member of the Knox-Corinthian Masonic Lodge and Beta Theta Pi fraternity. A married father of two, he enjoys coaching youth baseball and softball.

What is your client service philosophy?

I work with clients directly and honestly in all aspects of the relationship, even when dealing directly requires a bluntness that may not be well received initially. I believe that, ultimately, honest consultation and interaction is appreciated above all else.

Why did you feel executive recruiting was the right field for you?

The executive search field gives me the ability to provide a service to firms and individuals that I feel is more valuable than the monetary amount paid for the service. Being able to deliver a valuable service, in a manner and model that I enjoy, makes me feel this is the right career for me.

If you had to change careers tomorrow, what job would you choose and why?

The boy in me says Major League pitcher, but I would like to start a cooperative philanthropic organization for education and development.

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