Are CFOs Being Asked to Do Too Much?

Banner åillustration showing the many roles of a CFO surrounding a lightbulb

by Stephen P. Konstans, formerly an SVP at Pearson Partners International

As an executive recruiter, I spend much of my time with client companies hiring top financial and accounting talent and talking with CFOs and CFOs-in-Waiting about their careers.

When I started recruiting in the financial and accounting space many years ago, life was much more straightforward for CFOs and their teams. It essentially consisted of reporting numbers, handling financial transactions and looking for any significant financial trends within the business.

Today, CFOs are also being asked to handle things like cybersecurity, risk management, ESG reporting, AI oversight, regulatory compliance, and the list goes on.

While I understand that CFOs are well compensated, as a general rule, I am beginning to wonder: Are CFOs being asked to do too much?

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