Profile: Linda Wilkins, Advisor

Partner, Wilkins Finston Friedman Law Group LLP, and Pearson Partners’ Advisory Board Member

As featured in our Q4 2018 Searchlight newsletter


What was your first job, and what was it like? 

I worked at our local public library on nights and weekends in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I learned to work with all types of individuals, particularly the disabled because our head librarian hired a lot from the disabled community. I also spent some time with a homeless man who came to the library every night.

What is your business background?

I’ve practiced tax law for 40 years. I left “Big Law” to form my own boutique law firm in 2009. As a small-business owner, I discovered that it takes a village to get a business up and running.

What are some highlights of your career so far? Tell us about your best days or proudest moments.

I’m proud that our firm has been able to hire some really talented women attorneys who otherwise would have left the practice when they began having babies. We offer a flexible work schedule, and many of our attorneys work from home. Women have sought us out; we have never done any recruiting to hire our attorneys.

What drew you to Pearson Partners?

I first met Bob and Keith when I moved into their building and was able to do some tax work for the firm. I admire their integrity and how they treat their clients.

Describe your leadership style.

I strive to be a servant leader in the style of Jack Lowe of TDIndustries, a long-time client and friend. I try to give our young attorneys enough autonomy for them to take responsibility and learn from their experiences.

What is your philosophy or approach when it comes to client relationships?

This is rather trite, but the client is always right. Clients should never experience any surprises, particularly in regard to the fees we charge for the work that we’ve done.

What is the best advice you have received? AND/OR: What is a lesson you have learned?

Listen first, and don’t be thinking about what you are going to say next. It distracts you from hearing what your client is saying.

What do you like to do outside of the office?  Hobbies or passions?

I’m a terrible golfer, but I love it, and I have a hole-in-one. I enjoy traveling and was once an avid scuba diver with more than 400 ocean dives.

Where has been your favorite place(s) to travel?

The Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea live-aboard dive trips.

If you had to make a career change tomorrow, what job would you choose, and why?

Stand-up comedian on a cruise ship. Something entirely different!

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