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A Message from Keith Pearson, Vice Chairman and President

Depending on which pundit you’re listening to, 2013 will be either a year of unprecedented business opportunity or the start of a deep global recession. Soon enough, we’ll learn whether we’re all going over the fiscal cliff, but in the meantime business leaders are trying to maximize every opportunity to set themselves up for success in 2013—and for decades beyond. At our recent Spotlight Series breakfast event, we invited five business leaders to serve as panelists and share their thoughts on the risks and opportunities businesses can expect in the coming year. Our guests asked many insightful questions and got back a wide range of perspectives from industries as diverse as technology, investing, banking and foods. Read the highlights of the discussion in this issue of Searchlight.

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Spotlight Series Breakfast:
Post-Election Clarity—Opportunities and Risks in 2013

Smart companies have learned new survival techniques in the last few years, which should serve them well whatever may come in 2013 and beyond. At Pearson Partners’ recent Spotlight Series breakfast, a diverse panel of business leaders shared their thoughts on everything from changing regulations to the fiscal cliff and the impact of new technology, providing real-world insight on where companies are focusing their efforts in unclear economic times.
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Tips from the Leadership Coach:
Are You a Strategic Thinker?

Many executives are entrusted with their responsibilities because they excel at strategic decision-making. However, some are so focused on day-to-day demands, they fail to take enough time to step away and truly think strategically. Pearson Partners’ director of professional services, Lisa Thompson, shares three basic steps to help sharpen executives’ strategic focus and broaden their perspectives.
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Case Study:
Pfingsten Partners—Unified Power

When the private-equity firm Pfingsten Partners added Unified Power to its portfolio, it faced the tough challenge of converting the entrepreneurial company into a valuable, organization-led business. The right leader would not only skillfully manage the transition, but also set Unified Power on a path to solid growth. Pearson Partners found the ideal person for the job.
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The Chief Financial Officer Perspective:
An Exclusive Pearson Partners International Survey

Pearson Partners International, together with the University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management and the Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance, recently surveyed Chief Financial Officers on a broad selection of topics relating to their key role in the C-suite. The survey respondents represented a diverse group of North American companies ranging in size from $50 million to Fortune 1000 multinationals.
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October DFW HR Roundtable:
Emperors’ Clothes

with Catherine McGuinness, Managing Director, Preod Consulting

Business decisions driven by hypocrisy and narcissism almost always lead to bad results. In her best-selling novel Emperors’ Clothes, veteran human resources executive and search consultant Cathy McGuinness weaves a satirical tale of two executives and one mob boss who put a Sopranos-style spin on corporate strategy. At the October 16, 2012 DFW HR Roundtable, hosted by Pearson Partners, McGuinness discussed some of the real-world recruiting and human resources lessons that are illustrated in her book.
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