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With over three decades of retained executive search, sourcing and talent acquisition experience, Scott has successfully completed hundreds of senior-level searches on behalf of some of the nation’s leading companies across multiple industries, from startup/early-stage to Fortune 5. He delivers client satisfaction on assignments that span the corporate C-suite and executive ranks, operating with the highest level of integrity and serving as a “go-to” search consultant known for completing the toughest searches.

Scott Robson joined Pearson Partners International in 2017 following a successful career with a variety of highly regarded executive search firms-from boutique firms to one of the largest search firms in the world. Applying his creativity, professional perseverance and tenaciousness to identify, assess, and recruit top-tier executives who are “flying under the radar” has been the hallmark of his executive search career.

Scott earned a Bachelor of Science degree in personnel management from Oklahoma State University. He serves on the board of directors of HIS Works Network, which focuses on holistically supporting the needs of immigrant and underprivileged children in East Dallas. Scott has spent years as president of his East Dallas neighborhood association, and mentors men who are working through life’s challenges. He is a serial volunteer, having served widows, orphans, the underprivileged, the outcast and those impacted by tragedy. Scott is based in the firm’s Dallas office.

What do you like to do outside of the office? Hobbies or passions?

I am actively engaged in serving the hurting and mentoring men in a variety of capacities through Shoreline City Church. I am on the Board of Directors of HIS Plan Organization, a 501(c)3 that’s changing lives by providing mentorship, Christian education, service and fundraising for low-income, inner-city children and to assist young nonprofits in their development through consulting and financial assistance. I’m in my 12th year as President of an East Dallas neighborhood association and represent this neighborhood as part of a coalition of greater area neighborhoods that work closely with Dallas Police Department, City Council, Parks & Rec, etc. to enhance safety and quality of life. Lastly, I am working on making the next 30 years of marriage to my beautiful wife as fulfilling as our first 30!

What motto do you live by?

If we all do a little it will make a great BIG difference!

If you had to make a career change tomorrow, what job would you choose, and why?

If I were to make a career change, it would be to full-time ministry where I would lead and mentor men, and come alongside the hurting and those in difficult seasons of life by offering a helping hand.

Learn more about Scott in his Pearson Partners Profile.

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