Craig Sutton

Craig Sutton Director, Board Member, EVP & CFO, Rasa Floors, LLC

Craig Sutton

  • Pearson Board Member

Director, Pearson Partners International
Board Member, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Rasa Floors, LLC

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Craig Sutton joined Pearson Partners’ Board of Directors in 2014, and has served on the firm’s Advisory Board since 2007. Craig retired as a senior private banking relationship manager with Chicago-based Northern Trust in Dallas, and now serves as executive vice president and chief financial officer of Rasa Floors, where he has been a board member and advisor since 1996. At Northern Trust, Craig led the largest practice in Texas providing private banking, trust and wealth-advisory services to affluent individuals. Craig previously served as executive vice president of First City Bank in Dallas and has held senior leadership positions with Texas Commerce Bank and InterFirst Bank Dallas.

As a commercial banking executive, Craig managed a $1 billion loan portfolio. Working as an executive in community and retail banking, Craig directed a staff of 500 in managing $1 billion in assets. In his position as an international project finance specialist, Craig led several financing initiatives in the North Sea and Middle East in excess of $100 million each. In addition to his banking career, Craig has served as chief financial officer in the oil & gas industry and as a litigation support consultant.

Craig majored in engineering and finance at Texas Tech University before going on to earn a Master of Business Administration degree in finance.

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